Welcome to SIP!

Welcome to Sisters In Power, otherwise known as SIP. We are a NEW women's empowerment hub focused on providing women with the tools, support, and inspiration they need to become the successful, empowered women they aspire to be. 

Our Vision

To create a global movement of inspired women, united by sisterhood, who embrace their collective power, shatter boundaries, and lead with purpose. 

Our Mission

Empowering women through connection, collaboration, and resources to unlock their full potential and achieve success in business, community, and overall wellness. 

Our Intended Impact

At Sisters In Power, we embody the spirit of sisterhood and the thrill of charting new territories together. We are a community that embraces the challenges and opportunities of the unknown, empowering each other as we explore uncharted realms of business, community, wellness, and technology. Together, we will create an empowered, inspirational, and uplifting movement, enhancing our collective potential as we chart new paths towards success.